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It is important to note that multi slotted low ATK weapons is not effective in Renewal anymore, and it is usually best to go with the highest ATK weapon available (level 3 or 4 weapon preferred). Ranger - iRO Wiki Hence, maximizing HP, soft DEF, and perfect dodge (optional) are your main goals in choosing your gears. Stats breakdown: Dex – raises trap damage, and lowers the chance of being stripped. Int – raises your trap damage (huge damage increase … Rogue - iRO Wiki Bow Rogues are limited when using shields because bows are two handed weapons. You cannot attack with a bow while having a shield is equipped.

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Double Dagger Assassin : RagnarokOnlinePH - reddit If you swap out the offhand blade for a main gauche you would have 169.27 ASPD which means an you'd attack once per 0.6 second. Your max would be 1047 damage but the average battle time would be 15.96 seconds. Terms And Abbreviations Used In Ro - New Player Zone and ... Page 1 of 2 - Terms And Abbreviations Used In Ro - posted in New Player Zone and General Guides: ###/## = ex. 99/70, Base level and job level.# Slotted = ex. 4 slotted Main Gauche, a Main Gauche [4]. The number of card slots in an item.#s = ex. 4s Main Gauch, a Main Gauch [4]. The number of card slots in an item./(word) = In-game emotes that people sometimes use when typing or speaking.1HQ ...

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Main Gauche :: Weapon :: Dagger - RO Item Main Gauche - A French dagger that is usually held in the left hand to parry attacks.... Main Gauche 4 Slot Ragnarok - Main Gauche 4 Slot Ragnarok. Damascus ragnarokDual dagger ? - main gauche 4 slot ragnarok General Game Chat - WarpPortal Community ForumsImages for escudo 1 slot ragnarok. Casino patron definitionGuiasHenry Tran's Online Results: main gauche 4 slot ragnarok Hendon Mob Poker Database. Ronque os motores com os itens dessa semana!

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Slots Refineable For Sale Main Gauche Weapon - Dagger Weapon 2,400 1,200 60 43 0 0 1 4 Yes: No: No 1209: Main Gauche Weapon - Dagger Weapon 2,400 ... Swordsman - RateMyServer Ragnarok Community Dec 27, 2015 · RateMyServer Ragnarok Community » Ragnarok Online » Job Discussion » Swordsman (Moderator: Triper got some +10 main gauche 4 slots... which cards to use for a pally? Started by Wanderer88 | 3+1 is the right way, yes? ... 4 Replies 3986 … Best pair of daggers to use? - Ragnarok Online Message MG [4] in the off-hand, and an overupped Mes [3] in the main hand OR, depending on what you're fighting, mostly for things with high def... MG [4] in the off-hand and an overupped Ice Pick[1]/Combat Knife/etc. in the main hand. or Ice Pick[1]/Combat Knife/etc. in the … Main Gauche Blade – Castille Armory